Prime Video’s Amazon Original “The Boys” can be streamed as from the 4th of September 2020.

MooieMuur was asked to paint a mural in the city centre of Rotterdam to celebrate this release. The whole proces was filmed and it was great to see how much attention the proces of live painting and the mural itself receives. Painted advertisement definately creates impact on the viewer. People stop to have a look. Make pictures they share on social media. Do you also want to make impact with your brand or product?

MooieMuur has an extended range of murals worldwide that can be used for your mural advertisements. Do you want to set up a local campaign or do you want to go worldwide? We can arrange everything from arranging the walls to designing the advert.

For more information please check out our brand activation / painted ads page. Or contact us to discuss all the possibilities.

Reclame schildering The Boys Rotterdam Karski MooieMuur